Eight out of ten industrial and commercial buildings in South Africa are inadequately ventilated. Mounted to the roof, turbine ventilators extract hot, stale and polluted indoor air.


Green and cost-effective:natural ventilation for your factory,warehouse or home

effective in gentle breezes or high-speed winds



  • Cooling and ventilation: the primary benefit of turbine ventilators is that they efficiently remove hot, stale and polluted air from buildings in which attic-air can be heated up to 65°, this allows the air to be replaced with cool fresh air from outdoors.

  • Cost effective: turbine ventilators require no maintenance and no electricity to run.

  • In winter, ventilation removes moisture-laden air; too much moisture is known to deteriorate structures and cause mould to grow in attic spaces.

  • Reducing a building’s heat load will assist in reducing air-conditioning bills in summer.

  • The steady flow of air through ventilation clears out airborne contaminants and replenishes oxygen levels in the air, creating a fresh and healthy environment.


Whirly Bird turbo ventilator mister-cool-south-coast-kzn

Our turbine ventilators are manufactured to the highest international standards from the best materials available.

Clear Polycarbonate that doubles as a sky-light

The Supavent is a premium home roof ventilator

It’s made from exceptionally strong, UV-resistant, ABS polymer that won’t rust, fade or deteriorate.

Features of our Supavent 250 home ventilator:

  • available in a range of colours and in a transparent model
  • easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • provides completely “green”, wind-powered ventilation for the home
  • can withstand winds of up to 180 km/h
  • backed by a five-year warranty against defective materials and manufacture.

Available in 4 different colours



Turbines provide natural ventilation by replacing hot, stale air inside buildings with clean, fresh air from outside.

The mechanics are simple: The heads of the ventilators contain fins, which catch the wind as it blows. This causes the ventilators to spin, creating an extraction vortex below that removes old air from the building.

Stale air is expelled through the throat of the ventilator, and cool, clean air is replaced through louvres and other openings at low level.

The continuous natural ventilation capabilities of the system vastly improve indoor air quality, and ensure that air inside the building is always fresh and clean. The system runs continually and has the capacity to remove vast amounts of air from indoor spaces.

At Mister Cool we have our own metal shop, here we manufacture bespoke fittings to ensure our installations are of the highest standards